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How do I redeem PRS Shopping Voucher?
You can redeem your shopping voucher by follow the steps below:
  1. Under My PRS Tab, will only show upon approval of your AmPRS applications by AmInvest. The “Shopping Voucher Redemption” button will be shown if you are eligible for a redemption with easimall.
  2. After clicking the “Shopping Voucher Redemption” button, you will be redirected to the redemption page for the shopping voucher redemption.
  3. After clicking the “Redeem” button, a success notification will pop-up “Shopping Voucher Redemption successful.” Please check your email to get your easimall Shopping Voucher code.” will be shown for after a successful redemption.
  4. You will receive an email containing easimall online shopping voucher code. 
  5. You can redeem your shopping voucher code at a shopping cart page before checkout process. 
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