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5 Important Reasons to Buy Health Insurance at Early Age

The important of health insurance make government, through the budget 2019 allocation for health coverage through a private insurance company, will introduce a National Health Protection Fund for the B40 group.

The initiative from government shows that how important to provide a coverage for healthcare. Medical expenses are not cheap, you may be wondering how much cost you must pay if you have a serious illness, an accident or an ongoing health issue because the costs can become costly.

Let say if suddenly diagnosed with serious illness or injury, at least you already get insured. Therefore, it's important to have medical coverage for everyone and to have some form of health insurance protection. These are few reasons for you to get covered at early age.

Comprehensive Coverage

Get medical insurance coverage earlier will give you more option to choose and a lot of benefits from comprehensive plan at lower premium.

Lower premium

The later you get a health plan the higher of your health risk, your age and your premium. These factors will affect your insurance premium. Now you have clear picture what to do get health protection or pay more on your insurance premium.

Health Risks

Preventing it is better than cure. If you have been diagnosed with the disease, then you should know that there will be exceptions to the disease and you already have a medical history. Your insurance premium will be increased once you already got medical history and become a pre-existing condition/illness.

Better Financial Planning

Planning your finances earlier will protect you with uncertainties event in the future. Health insurance at least will help on the onset of critical illness and to ease the burden of you finance due to high medical cost.

Tax Relief

You also get tax exemption on the premium you pay for your Life and medical insurance premium for self, spouse and child. Tax exemption can help you reduce chargeable taxes from your annually income.

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